A Complete Test Plan Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide With Example

Some students have reported that proctors skipped their breaks entirely, which isn’t helpful for your pacing or for fairness across the board. You have the right to two 5-minute breaks , so you should speak up if you don’t get your entitled break time. Besides managing your time on each section of the test, you also have to plan your day around this long exam. Check your https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ test center’s website for any additional or specific entry requirements it may have. If you’re traveling to test, it’s your responsibility to know and follow any quarantine requirements or travel restrictions in the location where you’re testing. At check-in, test centers might require proof that you’ve followed quarantine requirements, travel restrictions, or both.

  • The resource planning is important factor of the test planning because helps in determining the number of resources (employee, equipment…) to be used for the project.
  • The score release dates are projections and those for the international tests are especially prone to change.
  • To ensure that your testing document is complete, it should include a list of the deliverables required for testing.
  • Examinees must meet certain requirements before becoming eligible to take the USMLE Step 1.
  • A test-plan is only as good as its schedule, which should outline specific deadlines and milestones.
  • Generation of test reports involves creating documents that summarize the results of the testing process, including any defects that were identified and how they were resolved.
  • Some of these tools are software-based, while others may require a physical resource like a test machine.

Before testing begins, it is important to know everything about the product/software. Questions such as how it was developed, its intended purpose, and how it works should be asked to understand its functionality better. Scheduling regression tests is effective to identify functional errors at the earliest. Identify all software features and combinations of software features that will be tested. The power of the central processing unit is a fundamental system requirement for any software. Most software running on x86 architecture define processing power as the model and the clock speed of the CPU.

Step Plan Test Environment

Whether it is manual testing or automation testing, nothing beats real devices, installed with real browsers and operating systems are non-negotiable as test environments. They help individuals outside the QA teams (developers, business managers, customer-facing teams) understand exactly how the website or app will be tested. The plan is built by QA managers or leads based on input from QA (and sometimes non-QA) team members. Creating it should not take more than 1/3rd of the time allocated for the entire project.

what is test schedule

Think of it as a blueprint for running the tests needed to ensure the software is working correctly – controlled by test managers. By including automation test script development and execution, testing plan ensures that the testing process is efficient and effective and that the software is thoroughly tested. The importance of a high-quality test plan rises when developers and testers need to identify risk areas, allocate the resources efficiently, and determine the order of testing activities. A well-developed testing plan acts as a blueprint that can be referred to at any stage of the product or software development life cycle. It acts as a detailed document to ensure the proper working of the software.

Exam Eligibility

Test plan has different varieties such as IEEE standard has a format standard for software test documentation, which provides a summary of what a test plan should contain. Choose the type of message you want to send and the recipients. Toggle off the Ask Before Running option so the message will send automatically. To find the Shortcuts app, go to the Home Screen and swipe left until you get to the App Library.

The approach should be described in sufficient detail to permit identification of the major testing tasks and estimation of the time required to do each one. Tap Reminder if you want a reminder to send the message, or tap Send Automatically if you want the message to send on its own. Since they all work differently, as an example, we’ll show you how to use the Scheduled app to schedule a text message on an iPhone. While you can’t schedule a text message on the texting screen, once you learn the iPhone tricks workaround or how to do it with a third-party app, it’s easy. Just like with our tips to hide text messages on iPhone, we’ve got the iPhone hacks you need to make it happen.


A test plan is a blueprint that describes the testing of a product. It outlines the exact methods used to test the software, helping developers determine whether their product works as it should. A typical test plan includes information about the product, objectives, resource requirements, test environment, risks and contingencies, scheduling and reporting, and deliverables of the finished test. A test-plan is only as good as its schedule, which should outline specific deadlines and milestones. Milestones are significant events in a product’s development, like the product’s initial release, internal testing sessions, or public beta tests. They also included all other key points in time where your team needs to focus their efforts on testing.

what is test schedule

Students who choose to take the SAT essay will get this section last, after Reading, Writing and Language, and both Math sections. The essay is 50 minutes long, and you’ll get a short break of five to ten minutes before you start writing. That means you can add 55 minutes to an hour to your end time. Apart from finding your assigned room and seat, you also may have to hang up your bag and/or coat somewhere outside of the testing room.

SAT Test Dates: 2022-2023 Visual Calendar and Trends

Help people outside the test team such as developers, business managers, customers understand the details of testing. When conducting a test, it is necessary to prepare and plan. Some resources are needed for your tests, such as people and environments. It defines these resources and expresses their needs to get them ready when you need them.

Health care consumers throughout the nation enjoy a high degree of confidence that doctors who have passed all three Steps of the USMLE have met a common standard. For the most part, international test dates are identical to US ones, although the registration deadlines and score release dates can vary. Also, this year the international dates will all be administered in the new digital format. The October deadline is a bit riskier, though, as its scores aren’t normally released until the end of October. So if your deadline is November 1, October probably won’t work. If your deadlines are November 15 or later, however, October should be fine.


Developing a test plan is an essential step in the software testing process. It is a document that outlines the strategy, approach, resources, and schedule for testing a software application. A well-written product test plan helps ensure that the software is thoroughly tested, meets the requirements, and is free of defects.

what is test schedule

Most software applications are limited to particular operating systems running on particular architectures. Although architecture-independent operating systems and what is test schedule applications exist, most need to be recompiled to run on a new architecture. See also a list of common operating systems and their supporting architectures.

Test Schedule definition

You can take the GRE General Test once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-months period . This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously. Punchlist means a list of items of Work to be completed or corrected by Contractor after Substantial Completion. Punchlists indicate items to be finished, remaining Work to be performed, or Work that does not meet quality or quantity requirements as required in the Contract Documents. You are permitted to reschedule within your eligibility period; you must pay a fee if you make a change during the 45 calendar days before your scheduled appointment. User – Once past integrated testing, user acceptance testing is the next level of scrutiny.


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