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Here are some of our recommendations if you are thinking of purchasing one for gaming. The 2023 ESL Premiership is a regional league where the best teams from the United Kingdom are to compete for a prize pool of $16,576. Above all, we want to help make a little more sense of the often chaotic world of esports. So that whether you are following Team Liquid, Rogue, eUnited or FlyQuest, you won’t miss out on any important matches or interesting rumours. As well, we are going to cover the most important Esports business news, focusing on the gaming financial aspect of this industry.


That means leave the production standards, the marketing, the advertising, the performances, the analytics, the sportscasting, the camera crews, the ticketing office, the broadcast, and so much more. Another important consideration is that, while physical sports are timeless and owned by no one—anyone can pick up a soccer ball at any time and play—esports are contingent on the choices of their developers. Often, this is a decision made to prioritize a new product or to cut monetary losses.

The esports world is famous for throwing up all manner of surprising success stories. By reading our news articles, you will get to find out how teams like Astralis, OG, SK Telecom T1 and London Spitfire have become modern-day gaming greats. Plus we’ll also help to explain how teams like OpTic Gaming, Fnatic and G2 are always looking to take competitive gaming to the next level. Our esports news service will be taking a close look at all of the latest important movements from these esports organisations. Whether you want to get the scoop on the latest bit of gaming kit developed by hardware brands like Razer, or are curious about how Twitch are supercharging their live streaming service, you will find it all here in our esports news articles. If you have any interest in the world of competitive gaming, you will need to pay attention to our esports news articles.

A lag as low as 100 milliseconds can have debilitating effects on a user’s experience—in fact, professional matches with high lag are paused until the problem is resolved. As a result, if a developer decides it doesn’t make financial sense to service a significant swath of the world, then players from those regions will never have the opportunity to enter the professional scene, or even play the game well. And there are the “hands on” developers like Riot Games, Activision Blizzard, and Valve Corporation, who actively organize the professional scene for their respective games. Realizing the incredible market these spaces created, the Korean government got involved and created the Korean Esport Association (KeSPA), the first governmental body dedicated to video game and https://minimalistfocus.com/popular-technologies-used-in-thai-games/ regulation in the world. At the same time, a plethora of cheap television stations took off due to the South Korean government’s telecommunication development program.

As the overall size of the esports industry grows, so too do the number of tournaments, players, and organisations getting involved. From esports betting to world-class sponsorships, the esports industry is a living, breathing beast of business, and it is only growing more with each passing day. In 2022, a staggering number of high-value tournaments will be held, showcasing the unbelievable talents of some of the world’s finest esports competitors. As with traditional sports, these games are broken down into competitive leagues and tournaments. It mimics the experience of watching a professional sporting event, except instead of watching a physical event, spectators watch video gamers compete against each other. The eSports trend has become so widespread in recent years that games can often be viewed at an organized arena event.

We will be covering all of the major esports contests like the International, DreamHack, ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters, Overwatch League and much more to give you detailed analysis of what really went on at these gaming showdowns. We will also be paying special attention to those esports organisations who have delivering tournament winning performances. From the latest action in the Fortnite World Cup to predictions about who could win the League of Legends World Championship, you won’t find a better place for understanding what’s really going on in competitive gaming. Join esports fans worldwide at the premier news and analysis outlet for competitive gaming, streamer culture & top-tier esports including LoL, Dota 2, Valorant, CSGO, Smash, FGC, and everything in between. So in a nutshell, this is about students playing games on a higher level but ultimately just about playing games.

One streamer threw her cat, while another called his teammates dogs, and a third abused his girlfriend. And then there are the cases where streamers are “pranked” by their viewers, such as the particularly dangerous “S.W.A.T.” This is when a viewer calls 911 to the streamer’s address, upon which a S.W.A.T. team breaks into the house. This places the streamer in unnecessary danger and wastes law enforcement time and money. Already, at least one person has been killed by the practice; although they weren’t a streamer, the intended target was a video game player. With no way of filtering prank tips from real tips, malicious actors could endanger streamers and individuals around the globe, selecting their targets due to nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, race, or any other host of factors. This indicates that developers are beginning to increase their support of the Middle Eastern-North Africa (MENA) region, but it is a slow and incremental process that neglects the rest of the continent.

  • Players in Africa can theoretically play esports by connecting to the North American and European servers, but the high latency prevents them from competing effectively.
  • Former Korean League of Legends player Heo “PawN” Won-seok was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder in 2018; he could not play the game unless his set up was arranged perfectly.
  • In January of 2022, PUBG went free-to-play, and it smashed concurrent player records overnight, showing the game still had plenty left in the tank.

As competitive gaming is set to become a billion dollar industry, our esports news articles will give you the lowdown on what the defining trends are behind this phenomenon. As a result, we will be paying close attention to where the esports industry is coming from and where it will be heading next. But we won’t just be giving you the latest stories about competitive gaming tournaments. We will also be reporting on the esports businesses who are helping gaming become the entertainment trend of the 21st century. With esports news articles on everything from sponsorship details to new tournament schedules, you’ll get quickly up to speed in everything from the dynamic world of esports. In addition, countless popular streamers have gotten themselves in trouble while on camera.

Other titles such as Call of Duty and Rocket League will rely on third-party platforms like Gamebattles, ESL, or FACEIT to provide esports services. All three work in similar ways, by providing leagues and tournaments for players to compete in. There are some nuances in how each one operates, but the gist of it is you can link your online ID, whether it’s PSN, Xbox Live, or one of the many PC services. Don’t worry about feeling like it’s a big commitment; free-to-enter leagues will usually work on a “play when you want” basis, rather than having scheduled match-ups. There’s often cash rewards on offer and if your end goal is to compete at LAN events in person, you need to prove yourself in these online matches first. If there’s one game that can be considered a frontrunner in the list of the top 10 esports games, it’s Dota 2.

Make sure to take notice that this is The Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing, China. This final showcase drew in 57.6M viewers(CBS8) versus the NFL’s Super Bowl at 103.4M and the NBA’s Finals at 17.56M in 2018. Take a moment to watch some parts of the LoL (League of Legends) opening ceremony and definitely take a look around the three-minute mark to see how esports can use technologies like augmented reality to bolster entertainment programming and streaming. Each competing esports organisation will often have a number of teams in their ranks across multiple games. One example is Fnatic; founded in 2004, at the time of writing they have teams on 10 different games including Fortnite esports, League of Legends esports, and PUBG Mobile esports.

By 2022, Fortnite had amassed $112m in prize money, introduced approximately 4,900 players, and seen 750 tournaments. Fortnite is a strange example, but it certainly cuts its way into the top 10 esports games. When Fortnite launched, it was a remarkable success, becoming a fan favourite title almost overnight. Within a couple of years, Fortnite would have blown up, becoming known as the most popular battle royale title, without question. It spawned a thriving competitive ecosystem that, at its height, led to a Fortnite World Cup.


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