“Kids go where there is excitement. They stay where there is love.”
Zig Ziglar

Child Development


 We believe it as our first morality to give a new human life that care and protection, which it never asks but deserves in the first place. Child Development initiatives are included in our work objective with this core thought. The life born in depravity is equally precious as the one that is receiving comfort and care. In our Child Development work, we have included medical support, educational help, ensuring social security and providing a child a healthy environment to grow.


1. Poverty –

Poverty, particularly in developing nations like India, is a big obstacle in creating an ideal child development environment. Financial limitations in poor/middle-income families fail to provide adequate nourishment, care, protection and provisions of healthy development to a child.

2. Child Health –

Child health is a major concern for his/her future wellbeing. Sadly, in a poor underdeveloped society, a child does not receive adequate mental and nutrition support. Here, a family’s financial status is a problem. In other areas, due to lack of awareness, a child lacks in his ideal health. During his growing stage, if a child remains in poor health, it can develop poor organ functionalities, lack of immunity, hormonal activities as well as poor mental development.  

3. Unawareness –

Many families in various parts are not aware of ideal methods of child development. In poor families, a child is not given proper medical or nutrition care. A teenage kid of a lower-income family is often seen to be working as labour. They ignore the importance of nutrition, education, culture and ethical values that a child should receive properly.

4. Environmental Constraint –

A child needs a healthy and comfortable environment for its growth and development. Unfortunately, for many kids, such an environment is not available to them. Due to financial or social restraints, they are left from getting suitable development provisions, such as education, recreation, family support, nutrition, etc. such limitations cause serious damage to a child’s growth and mental stability. A child who is not getting a suitable environment may become mentally disturbed or indifferent as an adult individual. It harms our human society.

5. Lack of Education-

In many families, a child does not receive proper education due to various reasons, such as economic problems, family restrictions, gender discrimination, and lack of provisions. Such obstacles lead to poor development of a child’s mind, and ultimately, it grows up to be humiliated or neglected in our society. 

Anand Dham Activities: Our Child Development Members take complete responsibility to convince the poor, underprivileged families about the necessity of child development. We give medical facilities, free education, entertainment and recreation, child’s mental development support and financial support for the kid’s development and future security. We’re including innovative and technical approaches to better our Child Development assistance. 

Our Future

Child Development Awareness Drive

Anand Dham conducts Child Development Awareness events during various occasions to promote child development requirements and participation, donation campaigns, health and future development assistance and others.

Child Nutrition, Education and Growth Support Initiatives

To encourage nutrition, education and necessary development options to a child, Anand Dham conducts motivational campaigns in various areas, organize public shows and events to demonstrate these vitalities.

Child Protection Drive

Anand Dham provides complete support against violence occurring against a child, child neglect and other issues.