“Disasters work like alarm clocks to the world, hence God allows them. They are shouting, ‘Wake Up! Love! Pray!'”
Criss Jami

Support In
Covid Crisis


A natural calamity is the darkest time where there is a massive loss of life, assets and ecological parts. Its after-effect is dangerous too, where the spread of disease, food crisis, insecurity and various other major problems rise to create a further shock. Anandham is an active NGO to work during natural disasters with our mission to provide all possible help and support to the victims.

Note: Anand Dham workers have worked tirelessly during the Covid-19 pandemic to spread requisite disease awareness, provide medical support, carry out surveys ensuring precautions and safety measures, etc.


Funding – A Large Scale Need

A natural disaster is a great catastrophe that claims huge funding support for its recovery operation. The severity of the cases is so high in certain situations that even international funding is needed sometimes to reset damaged areas. Resettling the damaged areas of natural disasters is a large scale and time-consuming task, which often suffers due to lack of funding and provisions. The problem, if neglected for long results in poor infrastructure, public insecurity and distrust.

1. Victim Relocation – Mass Rescue

Saving human life in the damaged areas of natural disasters is an important task needing many trained and able hands. The work is risky and should be done on time and quickly, otherwise chances of loss of life, health hazard, missing of people increase to an alarming level.        

2. Life Support – Core Requirements

Those who are rescued from the damaged areas of natural disasters need life support (food, water, clothing, medicine, etc.) as their basic requirement for sustainability. In those cases, when there is a large scale disaster, a great shortage of life support provision becomes a serious problem bringing many other distresses, such as hunger, death, diseases, insecurity, panic, etc.

3. Medical Aid – LifeLine

Natural disasters bring large scale life loss and health hazards. Medical support must reach the affected areas as quickly as possible so that life can be saved and secured. We often face great difficulties in establishing timely medical support to places devastated by a catastrophe.

4. Lack of Facilities and Awareness –

In many underdeveloped areas, suitable forecasting facilities, as well as public awareness, is not present. Such shortages lead to regular large scale damage in those areas at the time of natural disasters. For example, the mountainous parts of Kashmir, Bihar and West Bengal’s underdeveloped areas are deprived of many facilities. In these places, the public is not aware of the methods of averting disaster damages. Thus, every time, they face a great financial and physical crisis.   

 Anand Dham Activities: We’re active to provide help in natural disasters and work side by side with government teams in remote and risk-prone areas. We provide medical support, life support, such as food, water, provisions for temporary shelters and assistance in relocation. Also, we conduct disaster awareness training in vulnerable zones.

Our Future

Disaster Donation Campaign

Anand Dham team provides strong and active support in disaster recovery campaigns. Our team arranges events and public awareness to encourage mass donation during the time of a natural disaster. We submit the money to the affected area or else arrange for provisions and other necessary help needed in those devastated areas.

Free Health Camp

To ensure the health security of the disaster victims, we arrange ALL equipped FREE medical camps in the disaster-affected areas. In our health camps, we do body check-ups, distribute nutritious food, treat injuries, provide emergency surgeries, and offer psychological aid and more.

Disaster Recovery Drive

This is a major activity during a disaster where we provide our capable and trained volunteers to assist in a rescue mission for saving human life and assets. Our volunteers include rescue cadres, medical help, caregivers who work side by side with the Government rescue work.

The air is unsafe now. So, stay protected. Guard yourself with a Mask covering your nose and mouth. That will keep away the Covid germs to reach you.