“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”
Rabindranath Tagore



Education is the basic need for every human with food, shelter and money. It is essential to gain knowledge and skills because it makes us capable in life. We are giving education service to the poor, underprivileged group, both for the children and adults and empower them so that they enjoy a self-sufficient better living experience


1. Poverty – A Distress

Every human being has a right to acquire a basic formal education. However, due to socioeconomic differences, a big portion of the population remains excluded from receiving this opportunity. Although free education facilities are available as part of the Government initiative, there are several areas, majorly in rural regions, where such facilities are absent.

2. Family Apathy – A Hurdle

Interest towards better education is not much observed in middle or poor income groups. The reason being that these families have limited financial resources to support advanced educational dispenses for any of their members. Also, they opt for conventional easy income options where education is not a priority. For this reason, the economic status of these families remains stagnant or even poor.   

3. Girl Child Neglect – A Misery

   Girl Child in a family, as often observed does not get equal priority as a boy child. This restriction keeps them away from receiving education. Thus, particularly in backward communities, the female literacy rate is poor, and they mostly remain dependent on the male members of the family.

4. Social Discrimination – A Suppression

Social injustice is a severe factor to create differences in society leading to many problems, including the exclusion of education for the backward communities. Underprivileged children/adults are not willingly accepted in many areas to get education as equally as received by the higher communities. Such differences make them humiliated, and they often prefer to stay away from an apt educational system out of distrust or apathy.

5. Environment Constraints – A Liability

A child’s development is much connected with the environment where he/she grows. For the underprivileged community, due to their socio-economic limitations, they do not get the optimal surroundings that help in boosting their academic willingness. As a result, either they remain unaware or indifferent towards the educational system. The main factor here is the lack of support from family and society.

6. Anand Dham Activities: We’re spreading to the underprivileged sections in many areas, encouraging formal education. We conduct regular classes, both for children as well as adults. We motivate our students in extracurricular activities to grow their creative side and also help in developing sports talent. 

Our Future

Educational Awareness Initiatives

Anand Dham team reaches to the areas that are identified as needful in the pre-done survey to spread the awareness in education among families, children and local governance. We organize cultural events, motivational consultations, education assistance and other support.

Child Education Support Drive

Anand Dham provides Child Education Support with a well-trained team. We interact with the families, provide awareness and motivate them to give their children proper education to build a better future. We conduct a primary education drive to provide basic formal education.

Events Promoting Educations and Donation Campaigns

Anand Dham organizes charitable cultural events, fundraising activities and more.

Under the Book Content

Knowledge is there everywhere. Let a book help you to find the source. Also, explore the land where you cannot reach. Learn what is made by the outstanding geniuses of this world. Read a Book. Grow Your Mind with Knowledge.

Free education on moral science is also being provided by Anand Dham volunteers to the students of Gyan Deep School, Faridabad regularly as and when required