“We grow neither better nor worse as we get old, but more like ourselves.”
May L.Becker

senior Citizen
Welfare Campaign


We’ve observed that old people or an aged member of a family is sometimes neglected. Such instances may turn into severe mental and physical damage for these aged people if they keep continuing. We give our helping hand to support the vulnerable Senior Citizens, for whom there is no one to give them the needed care.   


1. Isolation – 

Neglect is harming aged persons, and they are separated from everyone. That results in their being completely isolated from their known environment. They often become aloof and intolerant of the society where they were once a part. Such tendency creates stress, trauma and causes mental/health damage.

2. Mental Depression – 

The ageing persons need love and care from their known environment. They need attention and priority. With age, a person becomes more sensitive. Thus, a harsh environment causes mental health to degrade. 

3. Health Damage –

Without proper care or attention, there is more chance of an aged person to become physically weak and unstable. Continuing in such a state may lead to various chronic ailments beyond recovery.

4. Threat of Life and Assets –

In various circumstances, it is seen that old people who are alone or neglected remain at risk of their life and asset. Due to their age and physical state, they cannot come forward to seek help. In many cases, they face restrictions too, which is an offence but often overlooked.

5. Social Ignorance – 

Ethically, it is essential to treat every individual same irrespective of their age. However, old people are often socially deprived and suppressed from their deserved benefits/provisions/choices. Such differences make them vulnerable.

Anand Dham Activities: Anand Dham Initiatives for Senior Citizens include health support, secured shelter, mind healing options and social interactivity sessions. We provide Senior Citizen Caregiving training to our volunteers, and they work dedicatedly to help these deprived souls. Anand Dham Trust celebrates Shradha Parv on 2nd October to support and care for senior citizens.

Our Future

Old age Protection Program

Anand Dham initiatives for Old Age Protection includes mass awareness, Motivational programs, such as the Shradha Parv that we celebrate on 2nd October to support and value old age.

Medical Camps, Eye Care and Health Check-ups for Old People

Anand Dham conducts FREE medical camps, eye care help and complete health care check-ups in various areas based on regular surveys. It ensures the health and mental security of senior citizens.

Social Protection and Awareness to Support Senior Citizens

Anand Dham provides consultation and assistance to Senior Citizens to help them secure their social status and gain desired recognition, identity and support. We also do an event to motivate people of the society to help and support senior citizens.