“Economic growth without investment in human development is unsustainable.”
Amartya Sen

Skill development


Indian economic structure needs a capable workforce for its desired growth. Also, to generate independent earning opportunities, new skill-building ideas are being adopted in this country. This future centric objective is an inspiring idea for Anand Dham to launch its Skill Development Program. Through this program, Anand Dham comes in touch with the needful families/individual persons as a guide and helping them choose their income opportunity, build professional skills and ensure economic security.

Prime Minister Relief Fund :

Unskilled Manpower – An Imbalance

Our global market is now interconnected, and accordingly, our country is enhancing its human-building drive. In practice, due to social and economic differences, people fail to receive sufficient skill development provisions for perceiving better professional options. As seen in rural areas, particularly among women and backward communities, they are denied from participating in skill development programs and other facilities of self-empowerment.

1. Poor Participation – An Uncertainty

Due to social, economic and personal shortcomings, we observe low participation in the skill development initiatives, especially when it is a new or costly venture. There are various areas where people are unaware or indifferent in trying new/unconventional options for generating the economy. Gathering public acceptance in taking such skill development is challenging.
2. Lack of Education – Basic Demand

Building capable human resource claims a minimum education. However, in many areas, due to limitations in the educational eligibility of the residing people, many skill-building initiatives cannot make much progress. Else, they remain very irregular. Precisely, such problems are common in rural skill-building activities for women.

3. Lack of Funds – Big Hindrance

Adequate funding is necessary to develop a successful skill-building initiative. The proper planning and modern infrastructure are essential for an effective skill-building program that fails in general due to shortages of appropriate financial support. Many human resource development programs are left in an unstable or incomplete state due to this problem.

4. Lack of Career Opportunities –

The need of building ample career options is equally significant side-by-side with skill development initiatives. We are unfortunate in many regions where skill development programs fail due to the fewer available job options. Without proper balancing between skill-building and job opportunity, human development missions are practically unfeasible. 

Anand Dham Activities: Anand Dham Skill Development Programs assist the low skilled and unskilled sections to get professional expertise in various areas. We are initiating our Anand Dham Kaushal Vikas Kendra in association with Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana Scheme as launched by Central Government of India.

Training & Workshop

  To spread the message of love, peace and tranquillity and to release stress in individuals and to bring harmony in the society as a whole, volunteers of Anand Dham Trust conducted training on “Quality Living” and workshops on yoga and meditation in order to achieve inner peace and also to develop positive habits for better living as per details given below :

  1. In 18-19, 15 numbers of training and workshops were conducted to provide benefits to 375 participants.
  2. In 19-20, 10 numbers of training and workshops were conducted to provide benefits to 272 participants.
  3. In 20-21, 20 numbers of training and workshops were conducted to provide benefits to 410 participants.

Our Future

Anand Dham Kausal Vikas Kendra, Faridabad

In our skill-building initiative, we aim to launch Anand Dham Kausal Vikas Kendra in association with the Indian Government Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. In this scheme, we have included skill-building programs such as Apparel Designing, Beauty Courses and more.

Rozgaar Mela Initiative

We conduct Rozgaar Mela to provide suitable career opportunities to job seekers from poor to middle-income groups. In these events, we invite promising employers, both from the public and private sectors. In such events we discuss job options, recruitments conducts, and job consultations. We also facilitate motivational drives to encourage fresh and aspiring talents.

Easy Funding Solutions for Sill Development

Anand Dham Skill Development Initiative includes Easy Funding opportunities for capable job seekers aiding them in establishing their ideal career. Also, we have job consultation and reference options for the new job seekers to promote their job pursuit.