“The earth laughs in flowers.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Protection To


There is a growing concern all over the world to preserve our Mother Nature. For a long time, we’ve been deeply indulged in making reckless upliftment of our life that we never saw our actions causing harm to the environment. Now, we’re alert and investigating in every part to identify our blunders and measure the level of environmental damage.

Major Environmental issues to be recovered as soon as possible are global warming, lowering of groundwater level, pollution, deforestation and ecological crisis. Other environmental problems are adding up in this list. Our sole mission is to make people aware and prevent them from damaging our surroundings.


1. Ignorance –

In our society, many of us lack sufficient consciousness in keeping our environment clean and pollution-free. Our regular activities, such as washing clothes, driving vehicles, eating, etc. have become careless, and we forget that we are spoiling our mother nature. An instance is river water pollution damaging major water bodies, such as Ganga, Yamuna, and Narmada. Due to this damage, there is a rapid increase in the spreading of diseases, scarcity of drinking water, soil quality degradation.

2. Pollution –

Growing industrialization, use of fossil fuels, discharge of poisonous chemicals, and various other human activities are increasing the pollution rate in our world. For decades, such activities were not considered as pollution creating parameters. Now, as we are alert; the pollution level has already reached an alarming point causing serious environmental damages. Pollution is greatly damaging our natural resources as well as degrading our immunity. We are facing the growing threat of new diseases and losing our natural resources.

3. Uncontrolled Use of Natural Resources –

For years, we are exploiting natural resources without showing the least concern about how they can impact our environment. Cutting of trees, excessive use of groundwater, soil exploitation, urbanization, etc. were done for years without looking for their negative impacts on the environment. We know that natural resources are not endless, and if they are destroyed completely, our ecosystem will end. 

4. Global Warming –

The increasing level of greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, etc. is the deadly agent to cause global warming. Due to reckless industrial development, the damage took place but was overlooked out of ignorance. As a result, Earth’s temperature is slowly rising. It is impacting our ecology, finishing natural resources and gradually bringing health problems to human society.

5. Use of Plastic Products –

We’re currently aware that extreme environmental damage is caused by the uncontrolled use of plastic, a very popular synthetic material in our daily life. It is not biodegradable, and when exposed to organic substances, the chemical reaction causes extremely harmful products to damage soil, air and water.

Anand Dham Activities: Anand Dham Environment Keepers have joined in this mission and are making their sincere contribution. We, in our part, are building community helpers, environment trainers, awareness campaigns and several other environmental protection activities. On various occasions, we arrange community cleanliness drives, planting trees, giving hygiene training and many other activities with the message of protecting our environment from human actions.

Our Future

Tree Plantation Drive

Anand Dham Tree Plantation Drive is a major activity done to conserve our environment. In this initiative, our volunteers encourage public participation and awareness of the importance of trees in reducing pollution. Also, we provide guidance in home gardening and eco-farming, which are vital in conserving our ecosystem.

Water Bodies Reclamation Projects

Anand Dham is an active participant in the events and awareness drives to conserve the water bodies of our country. We conduct public awareness campaigns to reduce water pollution, provide training in the planned use of water for agricultural, commercial and household purposes, and build initiatives of rainwater conservation, water body revival programs and more.

Environment Protection Events and Campaigns

Anand Dham initiative conducts various charitable events and shows to promote environmental consciousness, collect funds and demonstrate conservation techniques, such as rainwater harvesting, soil conservation, eco plantations and more.

Under the Tree Content

Let’s give back our Mother Nature her beauty, her treasures and her joy. Let’s plant more trees, save trees and keep our environment clean and fresh.

In this regard Anand Dham also discharged the responsibility by planting various trees in NCR as per details given below

Trees Planted in
Year 18-19
Trees Planted in
Year 18-19
Trees Planted in
Year 18-19