“Having a girl is a plus, not a minus.”
Sania Mirza

Woman Empowerment


Objective: Anand Dham Women Empowerment Program aims to take a prominent role in uplifting women position in society. Women in India face a lot of discrimination, even today. Social Injustice, Gender Discrimination, Vulnerabilities, Harassment are the frequent women issues on which our members are extremely caring and give all possible support to preserve their honour and social status. We ensure women motivations and help to evolve their identity, both socially and financially.


1.  Social Biases – Backwardness

Women experience humiliations and exclusions out of social biases, especially in economically and academically underdeveloped regions. It is a persistent issue still existing despite various reforms and provisions. The women’s lives remain restricted, away from receiving any awareness, tortured, and even without having their valuation of identity. In such a situation, it becomes critical for them to break such restrictions and achieve their empowerment.

2. Apathy – Barrier

As frequently observed, women from poor and middle-income groups or those who are vulnerable (single woman, widow, aged, etc.) do not show much inclination towards women empowerment initiatives. Many hindering factors give rise to this mentality, for instance, lack of awareness, distrust, financial insecurity, personal risk, and stigma. In such cases, they remain suppressed despite getting an option of their improvement.

3. Household Responsibilities – Shrinking

Mostly, women from underprivileged or conservative families are bound to their household responsibilities. They cannot or do not come forward to participate in the women empowerment initiatives. Thus, their percentage of dependency on their family is higher.

4. Education – Constraint

Even today, there is a big gap between male and female literacy percentages, where the female literacy percentage is much lower than the male literacy rate. This gap is far wider in rural areas. The educational limitation is a major issue for the women in receiving proper empowerment support.

5. Insecurity – Hidden Agony

Women are victims of various social, financial, legal risks, and that makes them insecure. Presently, there are only a few females who proceed for justice or willing to opt for financial/social support. It becomes a block towards their empowerment.

Anand Dham Activities: Our Anand Dham Women Empowerment Programs are concerned and committed to supporting underprivileged women in our society. We’re reaching out to various areas, where we spread awareness, form self-help groups, make surveys on child and women security/health/discrimination/other matters on gender injustice, arrange for academic/professional courses, etc.

Our Future

Women Self Help Drive

Women Self Help Group scheme as developed by Anand Dham volunteers are the experienced and accomplished team to encourage women in building their confidence, career skills, social values, capability to participate in decision-making activities and other activities to stimulate their status.

Women Education Schemes

In our initiatives, we have undertaken Women Education programs to encourage and ensure basic education to the illiterate/poor female section of society. In this mission, we take surveys to underdeveloped areas, motivate females towards education, build support in Women and Girl Child education, and encourage knowledge sharing and more.

Support Initiatives against Gender Bias

To support women, especially the vulnerable female section, such as single women, poor, uneducated, underage, widow, aged, and to acknowledge and raise their voice against gender bias spread in the society, we offer support initiatives programs. In this program, we provide moral encouragement, guidance in legal support, awareness of gender discrimination.

Women Icon Content:

You are not a weak part, but as strong as the root of a tree, which holds the soil so that the tree does not fall. Realise your strength, and fear not because you have us to give you that courage.